EcoWill Fellows

Legal technology is best when partnered with the right attorneys

We know that technology can't solve everything. That's why we work with experienced counsel from across the country to deliver solutions that meet our users at their needs.

What is a EcoWill Fellow?

EcoWill Fellows is a network of trusts and state practitioners from across the country who are passionate about improving access to law and enhancing the role of charity in state planning. Fellows support our mission by providing insights into significant state planning concerns for their local community.

  • When EcoWill users need more advanced or sophisticated planning than our online software offerings, our fellows are among the local resources they can turn to.

  • When EcoWill users require more advanced or complex planning than our online software offers, our Fellows are among the local resources that they may turn to.

Meet our Fellows

Why EcoWill Fellows?

To be useful

EcoWill’s free online tools may provide property planning solutions for many Americans, but they are not a substitute for experienced local consultants.

But choosing a lawyer can be a daunting task. That’s why we’re building a network of trusted practitioners that our clients can refer to when they need a lawyer’s help.

As such, we look forward to helping you further improve access to the law and engage with qualified lawyers to meet the high-level needs of our clients.

To be useful

EcoWill’s free online tools can provide estate planning solutions appropriate for many Americans, but they are no substitute for experienced local counsel.

But selecting an attorney can be a daunting process. That is why we're building a network of trusted practitioners to whom our users can turn when they need a lawyer’s help.

In this way, we hope to further improve access to law and help our users connect with lawyers well-qualified to address advanced needs.

What does being a EcoWill Fellow entail?

We ask that each EcoWill Fellow provide a review of our forms to confirm they create valid instruments under the laws of the Fellow’s jurisdiction, while accounting for the most common estate-planning needs.

We also ask that our Fellows provide periodic updates regarding any notable changes to T&E laws in their state. In return:

  • We identify them as a trusted Fellow on our website

  • We provide their practice’s contact information

  • We will host blog-length articles from them about estate planning

If you are an estate planning attorney interested in being a EcoWill Fellow and would like to learn more, please contact us at

    Things to know

  1. Some lawyers in person charge $5,000 $10,000 for their professional work. Why not just pay your attorney for 15 mins to an hour of for their legal experience to review and critique your wishes that are truly clear. Eco wills helps cuts through the complicated red tape so an attorney can't screw you too much.
  2. Some websites charge 100's of dollars for writing a will.
  3. But we do recommend you get legal advice and more costly help for persons with a complicated Trust or large Estate.
  4. What was the most wonderful experience You ever had in your life? Wouldn't you like to be able to pass that type of possible setting and experience on to others! When you write your will you can appoint someone or some group to try to replicate that scenario. Maybe that experience was you actively participating and helping other individuals or animals. What Gives life the most meaning to you? Write carefully Your will so that your legacy will be heard around the world.
  5. Please have your documents reviewed by your local legal expert.
  6. Laws change and may vary from state to state.