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EcoWill makes state planning hot and completely only for 38$.

So you can easily take care of people and things that love you.

70% of adults in the United States do not want to.

Property planning is traditionally considered complex, scary and expensive. That's why we intend to create a simple tool that anyone can use to make these critical documents. All state plans created using EcoWill are 100% legal and precisely tailored to your jurisdiction.

Here at EcoWill, we also believe in the human instinct to do good; that's why we've made charity work so much easier.

Make your will for 38$

Empower your ability to create a will for just $38, made possible with the generous support of numerous nonprofit organizations dedicated to addressing meaningful causes.

Many people who create their estate plans on EcoWill choose to leave a gift to a cause they care about, and we hope you’ll consider doing the same. It's never too soon to consider the legacy you want to leave behind.

Start your will today

Tens of Billions of dollars are left to charitys and causes. You can't be a scrooge here because you are paying at least $38 to people who are giving their life to help the planet.

How much would you like to commit to good causes.

Values we stand by


Our mission is to help people do the best they can for the people and causes they love.


We treat each other and the people we serve with genuine care. We believe this is the best way to improve yourself and your product.


We work hard and make sure we have fun along the way. We believe that happiness comes from doing valuable work with great people.


Our values guide the actions we take. We always try to do the right possible thing, especially when it scares us.

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    Things to know

  1. Some lawyers in person charge $5,000 $10,000 for their professional work. Why not just pay your attorney for 15 mins to an hour of for their legal experience to review and critique your wishes that are truly clear. Eco wills helps cuts through the complicated red tape so an attorney can't screw you too much.
  2. Some websites charge 100's of dollars for writing a will.
  3. But we do recommend you get legal advice and more costly help for persons with a complicated Trust or large Estate.
  4. What was the most wonderful experience You ever had in your life? Wouldn't you like to be able to pass that type of possible setting and experience on to others! When you write your will you can appoint someone or some group to try to replicate that scenario. Maybe that experience was you actively participating and helping other individuals or animals. What Gives life the most meaning to you? Write carefully Your will so that your legacy will be heard around the world.
  5. Please have your documents reviewed by your local legal expert.
  6. Laws change and may vary from state to state.