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The EcoWill bequest tool makes it easy for your supporters to create estate plans and leave gifts to your organization

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How it works


Share with supporters Thank your donors for their support with the opportunity to write their free will on your custom site


Sit back and relax Your supporters will use the tool to create estate plans and, in many cases, leave charitable bequests


Get data and alerts Track your campaign performance and receive updates with gift details

Get your time back

We’ve worked in and with enough nonprofits to know that time is your scarcest resource. That's why we create the outreach strategy and content you need to be wildly successful (all free and included with your tools).

And since we're continually testing and optimizing our strategy, you’ll always be on the cutting edge of what works.


Access best-in-class data

Our tools come with best-in-class data and analytics to help you know exactly who intends to give and how much—allowing you to get to know your donors even better.

Scale legacy giving

Our highly customized toolset empowers partners to engage their supporters and drive them to make charitable bequests at scale.

Estate plans made on EcoWill are 5x more likely to include a charitable bequest, and those gifts are 2.5x larger than the national average.


Reach supporters outside of your mailing lists

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National feature

Present your organization to all of our willmakers nationwide as they consider charitable bequests.

Regional feature

Have a more localized audience? Present your organization solely to willmakers that live in specific states or localities.

We literally wrote the report on planned giving

We analyzed the more than 150,000 wills made on our platform to create the most in-depth report ever written on planned giving. Looking at key factors like gender, geography, marital status, and more, we give you a picture of who gives, how much, and at what point in their lives.

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    Things to know

  1. Some lawyers in person charge $5,000 $10,000 for their professional work. Why not just pay your attorney for 15 mins to an hour of for their legal experience to review and critique your wishes that are truly clear. Eco wills helps cuts through the complicated red tape so an attorney can't screw you too much.
  2. Some websites charge 100's of dollars for writing a will.
  3. But we do recommend you get legal advice and more costly help for persons with a complicated Trust or large Estate.
  4. What was the most wonderful experience You ever had in your life? Wouldn't you like to be able to pass that type of possible setting and experience on to others! When you write your will you can appoint someone or some group to try to replicate that scenario. Maybe that experience was you actively participating and helping other individuals or animals. What Gives life the most meaning to you? Write carefully Your will so that your legacy will be heard around the world.
  5. Please have your documents reviewed by your local legal expert.
  6. Laws change and may vary from state to state.